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EMax Plus Microplate Reader

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Start Simply. Robust, high value microplate reader designed to deliver research-grade results to any laboratory.

Part#: EMax Plus Microplate Reader


EMax Plus Microplate Reader

Start Simply. Robust, high value microplate reader designed to deliver research-grade results to any laboratory.

Running ELISAs and protein quantification is simpler than ever with the EMax® Plus Microplate Reader. In seconds, set up the reader with pre-defined protocols and run your samples. With 8 standard filter modes that cover the entire visible range, walk-up usability, and SoftMax® Pro Software for data analysis, getting started is now simpler than ever.


The EMax® Plus Microplate Reader is designed to be a versatile and robust plate reader for research laboratories. The standard 8 filter modes enable endpoint and kinetic applications such as protein quantification, cell viability and ELISA. SoftMax® Pro Software is included and enables data visualized in 3D plots, gray scale, kinetic curve fits, and IC50 determination.


  • •  8 filters cover visible range from 405-750 nm
  • •  Compact instrument footprint
  • •  Pre-defined protocols with SoftMax® Pro Software
  • •  Walk-up usability


  • •  Measures both flat and round 96-well microplates
  • •  Automatic lamp calibration prior to each reading ensures automatic measurements
  • •  Powerful curve fitting protocols and statistical analysis tools
  • •  Integrated instrument control and data analysis with SoftMax Pro Software


Lamp source Tungsten halogen
Measurement range 0-3.3 OD
Reproducibility/precision 0.25% at 1.0 OD at 450 nm
Accuracy 0.5% at 1.0 OD at 450 nm
Standard filters 405, 450, 492, 562, 570, 595, 620, and 650 nm
Wavelength selection Filters
Wavelength range 400-750 nm
Plate types Flat and round 96-well plates
Data output Export to PC
Detection system Single channel silicon photodiode
Reading speed 25 seconds
Software SoftMax Pro Software
Shaking None
Temperature control None
Linearity 0.25% and 0.0025 OD from 0.1 -2.5 OD at 492 nm
Computer Interface USB 2.0
Optical system Filters
Power requirement External power supply: 100-240VAC; current rating 50/60 Hz, 1.5 A
Dimensions (WxDxH) 31.5 x 18.2 x 43.5 cm 12.4"x7.1"x17.1"
Weight 6.6 kg
Mode of operation PC Control

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Brand Molecular Device

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